American Brilliant Cut Crystal Pedestal Globe Shaker

American Brilliant Cut Crystal Pedestal Globe Shaker
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This sparkling American Brilliant Cut Globe Pedestal Shaker is from later in the period as it has a fan and floral motif.

The base of the shaker has eight (8) miter cut diamonds enclosing a step cut inner design. The step cut is a lovely design which adds sparkle in an otherwise difficult to cut area.

The eight diamonds lead your eye to the stem of the shaker which, carrying the motif is eight (8) sided.

The Globe of the shaker has four panels of a four petal fine cut flower. The inner part of the flower is a diamond cut. The intersecting miter cuts form diamond shapes which produce a lot of sparkle and light refraction.

Between the four floral panels are four panels of deep mitered fan cuts. The fan cuts at the top intersect to produce one single diamond.

The crystal cap of the shaker has alternating panels of uncut and four vertical niter cuts. There are seven openings in the cap.

The American Brilliant Cut Crystal Pedestal Globe Shaker stands a stately 6-1/4 inches in height, measures 2-3/8 inches in diameter at the base. The shaker weighs 3/4 of a pound or ounces.

The American Brilliant Cut Crystal Pedestal Globe Shaker is in Mint condition with no sickness to the glass, chips, cracks or flea bites. There are minuscule small chips, which you need a loop to see, on the area of the shaker where the cap screws on. These are on the inner diameter of the opening to the shaker.

A beautiful piece to add to your collection!

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