Bryce Solid Yellow Optic Water Goblets

Bryce Solid Yellow Optic Water Goblets
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We are pleased to offer these stunning Solid Yellow optic bowl Water Goblets from Bryce Brothers.

The goblets are pattern number 678.

The bowl is paneled optic, the stem bulbous with a solid orb near the top.

These antique pieces stand 8-7/8 inches in height, measure 3-5/8 inches in diameter at the top of the bowl, 2-7/8 inches in diameter at the base.

Each of the available goblets (at this writing we have 2) is in Mint condition with no defects noted. The crystal is sparkling.

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About Bryce Brothers

Four generations of the Bryce family have made fine lead glassware, both crystal and in colors, in Mount Pleasant on Depot Street.

In 1827, ten-year old James Bryce came to America from Scotland and was "bound-out" to learn a trade at one of the first glass works west of the Allegheny mountains.

Young James was an apt pupil, because 14 years later he founded the company which bore his name, to manufacture fine glass for discriminating people. Today the company is still operated by his descendants, and the glassware is still produced in much the same traditional manner in which James Bryce learned to make it.

The company, known as Bryce Brothers Company, was incorporated in 1896. This finest of American table glass is made by the hand-blown method. The skill with which these products are made is evident in the trueness of the product in its shapes, brilliance, splendid ring and colors.

Only long experience of workers, who had done this work all their lives, as their fathers before them, can turn out such magnificence. It is tradition and it is an art.

Original formulas have been changed only slightly. Two of the furnaces at Bryce Glass have 12 pots each and the third, a smaller furnace, has four. This means that there are 24 to 28 shops making the ware, depending upon the style and size, and it was estimated by the plant general manager that close to 20 tons of glass are melted daily.

This means also that the distributors and customers of Bryce glassware are furnished with many different patterns of many different colors.

The chief glassware is their clear, brilliant crustal. They are also noted for their selenium ruby, amber, amethyst, light green, darker green, both dark and light blues, and the new gold color shade named Aztec Gold.

Hand cutting has always been one of the strongest points of the Bryce Brothers production. Experienced glass cutters with their large and small wheels can execute any design or pattern a customer may desire.

After these experts have finished their cutting, careful hand-brushed polishing and buffing brings out the full value of the brilliance of the glassware in every cut design.

This is tradition, the art that the Bryce Brothers through their century of accumulated knowledge give to every home to enhance the homemakers table. And to every hotel lend an excellence for good taste and service to their clientele.

Only a few plants, possible eight, continue to carry on the fine tradition of hand-blown glassware of which Bryce Brothers is an outstanding example.

The company was purchased by the Lenox China Company in the 1960's as Lenox was looking for a manufacturer of fine crystal to compliment their ever growing dinnerware business.