Cambridge Glass Pink La Rosa Inverted Strawberry Celery Vase

Cambridge Glass Pink La Rosa Inverted Strawberry Celery Vase
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Vintage From Paul is delighted to offer this pristine condition Cambridge Glass Pink La Rosa Inverted Strawberry Celery Vase.  La Rosa is the name Cambridge Glass used for its' pink glass color.  When talking about the Inverted Strawberry pattern it is important to note at this point, that there are visible mold marks on this Celery Vase.

The small indentations for the tiny dry yellow seeds are captured in the Inverted Strawberry pattern, giving the strawberry in the pattern a sparkling, shimmering, delighted effect.

Inverted Strawberry  is a very realistic pattern with leaves on the stems in groups of three, small five petal flowers and strawberries strewn around the piece.

Inverted Strawberry  is an old pattern and has been a favorite of collectors for years; many of whom did not know Cambridge made the pattern. They have collected it only because it is beautiful. Also, because of the many collectors, the pattern is becoming very difficult to find.

One of the Cambridge Glass Company's greats, made in many pieces such as various sizes of bowls, pitchers, tumblers, fruit or berry sets, butter dishes, spooners, celeries, cake plates, miniature punch sets, etc.

Inverted Strawberry  Has been reproduced and yet it has not been reproduced. This statement does not seem to make sense, but as in most reproductions, a new mold was made of the pattern. Also, very few pieces have been made.

Actually, the only reproduced pieces are the tumbler and the toothpick holder. A water pitcher in a size that was never made by Cambridge in the first place in this particular pattern, a basket and a candy dish which were never made originally by Cambridge in the Inverted Strawberry pattern. These new pieces do bear the NEAR CUT mark.

In the new Inverted Strawberry, the Strawberry and flower are coarser and there are no mold marks on the pieces. Remember!!! The Cambridge Inverted Strawberry  had definite mold marks.

The Inverted Strawberry Celery vase stands 5 inches in height and measures 4-1/2 inches in diameter at the top.

The Pink La Rosa Inverted Strawberry Celery Vase is in pristine condition with no defects or flaws noted. It would be a wonderful and rare addition to any collection of Cambridge Glass or EAPG collection.

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