Glastonbury Lotus Crystal Dainty Champagne Tall Sherbets

Glastonbury Lotus Crystal Dainty Champagne Tall Sherbets
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We are pleased to offer these stunning Glastonbury Lotus Crystal Dainty Champagne Tall Sherbets .  Glatsonbury Lotus manufactured elegant crystal in Barnesville, Ohio.  We also have the liquor glasses and the saucer champagne glasses in the Dainty pattern.

The  Glastonbury Lotus Crystal Dainty Water Goblets date from the American Elegant Glassware heyday era of the 1940's and 1950's.

Though they did not manufacture crystal, just cut and decorated it for all the major Ohio companies from Cambridge through Heisey and were the the folks who did the gold encrusting work for Tiffins famous Rambler Rose and Minton Patterns, applied to their stemware. Located in Barnesville, Ohio they were productive from 1912 until today under the current leadership of the grandson of the original cutter!!!

The Champagne Tall Sherbets are stem number L10 and they have a classic bevel cut oval on the entire body.  The reflection of light from the ovals on the bowl is amazing!

The Champagne Tall Sherbets stand 4 inches in height.

Each of the available Champagne Tall Sherbets is without defect. The glass rings as a bell, the cutting is deep/sharp, the crystal sparkling clear.

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