Hall China Silhouette Salad Bowl or Large Serving Bowl

Hall China Silhouette Salad Bowl or Large Serving Bowl
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About Hall Silhouette

Silhouette Hall introduced Silhouette in the 1930s. The black decal depicts colonial men smoking pipes and sharing conversation.

Silhouette decals came on D- style dinnerware and numerous kitcheware shapes. Although some pieces are not easily found a complete service can be obtained.

Interestingly; several different sized decals were often used on the same style piece, so if you need more then one of an item you have to be aware of this fact if you want the pieces to match.

Two other companies; Harker and Taylor Smith and Taylor, used the same Silhouette decal on some of their pottery pieces. T S & T dinnerware matches Hall's Silhouette pattern and can be added to sets of Hall if desired. Harker made specialty pieces so adding a rolling pin and pie lifter to your collection is possible.

China Specialties, an innovative company in Ohio commissioned Hall to make some contemporary Silhouette Hall China pieces. These newer pieces were made from old Hall molds but they never duplicated items that Hall produced in their original line. They also had pieces of fine china with the Silhouette pattern made overseas.

Metal, wood, paper, cloth, and glass items were produced to go with the many Hall China items sold. Because of the numerous options avaialble to a collector, this pattern is fun to collect and displays nicely in a home.

Vintage From Paul is pleased to offer this lovely Hall China Silhouette Salad Serving Bowl.

The body of the Hall China Silhouette Salad Serving Bowl  is a creamy ivory, the trim silver and the silhouette in black .

The Hall China Silhouette Salad Serving Bowl is in near Mint condition, with no defects noted. We did however notice very slight wear on the silver edging at the rim.

The Hall China Silhouette Salad Serving Bowl measures 9 inches in diameter at the top. The Hall China Silhouette Salad Serving Bowl is marked with "Hall's Superior Quality Kitchenware, Made in U.S.A.

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