Hartstone Pottery Enamel Beaded Floral Footed Goblets

Hartstone Pottery Enamel Beaded Floral Footed Goblets
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We are delighted to offer these Hartstone Pottery Enamel Beaded Floral Footed Goblets.

The body of the Hartstone Pottery Enamel Beaded Floral Footed Goblets is a bright and creamy ivory in color, the perfect back drop for the red, yellow and blue enamel beaded flowers!

Each of the flowers is formed by three distinct enamel beads. The stem and the leaves are painted in green. There is a coordinating green stripe at the top and the bottom.

The Hartstone Pottery Enamel Beaded Floral Footed Goblets stand 4 inches in height, measure 3-3/8 inches in diameter at the top, 2-3/4 inches in diameter at the base.

The underside of the Hartstone Pottery Enamel Beaded Floral Footed Goblets has a heart and "Stone USA" The body of the goblet carries the initials of the artist "BL".

Each of the available Hartstone Pottery Enamel Beaded Floral Footed Goblets is in flawless condition. The Hartstone Pottery Enamel Beaded Floral Footed Goblets appear to have never been used.

About The Hartstone Pottery

The history of Hartstone Pottery is truly an inspirational American story. Hartstone was first produced in 1976 in Chatham, New Jersey. Pat and Sharon Hart's goal was to create beautiful, handcrafted quality articles for the preparation and presentation of food. Hartstone's first product was the stoneware cookie mold, which was an instant hit, and Hartstone grew quickly. In 1983 the Harts moved their manufacturing facility to Zanesville, Ohio, in a building that was once operated by the JB Owens Pottery Company, built in 1902. This beautiful old post-and-beam building, fleeced in brick, shows the scars of many alterations, including that of fire. In 1983, Hartstone began producing hand-decorated gift and tableware. As with the cookie molds, this segment of the business grew quickly.

In the mid-1990s, the Harts sold the business to Carlisle Home Products, USA, Inc. Carlisle operated the business for almost nine years before stopping plant production in the spring of 2005, in the face of sales lost to products made by less-expensive overseas labor. Most of the factory employees found themselves without jobs.

And here's the inspirational part: In June, 2005, the pottery was reborn. A group of investors from Zanesville and other locales around the country, having heard the story of Hartstone, and recognizing the plight of its employees, negotiated with Carlisle for the purchase of the 12 acre pottery and all of its equipment. In the next few days word traveled quickly that the new entity, The Original Hartstone Pottery, Inc., had put its best foot forward and rehired former employees, restarted the manufacturing processes, and reopened the on-site factory store. Within days, loyal Hartstone customers returned to the factory store, some of them just wanting to share their enthusiasm about the reopening of a treasured landmark.

If you love hand-painted one-of-a-kind pottery, here's your opportunity to support a wonderful enterprise. Whether you're looking for accent pieces for your existing dinnerware, or looking for a fresh new look in tableware, consider Hartstone Pottery. Don't you just love a happy ending?

Hartstone products are made of fully vitrified stoneware produced from the finest raw materials in North America. The stoneware clay body is fired to 2200°F and is bright ivory in color. All body, glaze, and paint raw materials are lead and cadmium free. Hartstone products are California Proposition 65 compliant. Hartstone ceramic products are handcrafted and decorated in Zanesville, Ohio. All Hartstone Pottery is freezer and dishwasher safe, and may be used in both the microwave and conventional ovens.

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