Hazel Atlas Moderntone Platonite Pink Dinner Plates

Hazel Atlas Moderntone Platonite Pink Dinner Plates
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Vintage From Paul is delighted to offer these 1940's Vintage Hazel Atlas Moderntone Platonite Pink Dinner Plates.

Each of the available Hazel Atlas Moderntone Platonite Pink Dinner Plates is in Mint Condition, with no chips, cracks, scratches, crazing or other defects noted.

The Hazel Atlas Moderntone Platonite Pink Dinner Plates are called a 9 inch dinner plate, when we measured however, they are actually 8-7/8 inches in diameter. The  Hazel Atlas Modertone Platonite Pink Dinner Platesare white on the underside

During the 1940’s, Hazel Atlas used the Moderntone molds to produce a platonite line of dinnerware. Platonite is an opaque white glass that Hazel Atlas had been using in their kitchenware since the early 1930’s. The earliest pieces made in this color show opalescence under a strong light, while later pieces are fully opaque.

Platonite Moderntone was made from the same molds as the transparent colors, the only change being redesigned bowls without rims. It was decorated in many fired on color combinations and sold in mixed color sets. Weatherman says that the orange, blue, yellow and green set was called “Carnivalware” and produced as early as 1938. This seems likely as the colors look very much like the original Fiesta colors Homer Laughlin produced in 1936. It’s not such a far stretch to think that Hazel Atlas was capitalizing on the success of ‘Fiestaware’ with it’s own ‘Carnivalware.’

Pastel Moderntone was made in sets of pink, green, blue and yellow in the 1940’s. The most popular, though hardest to find, of the platonite sets is known as “Deco.” It’s white with blue or red trim, and is sometimes found with a Japanese Willow design in the center. (Again, Hazel Atlas tried to capitalize on the popularity of the Blue Willoware that was all the rage in diners of the time. Remember the “Blue Plate Special”?)

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