Henn Friendship Pottery Blue Sponge Mugs

Henn Friendship Pottery Blue Sponge Mugs
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Vintage From Paul is delighted to offer these Henn Friendship Pottery Blue Sponge Mugs. 

Friendship Originally Created Pottery for Gerald Henn Workshop before Henn started their own company. Friendship also made pottery for renowned Longaberger Pottery before they switched to another factory. Friendship Operated From 1973 - 1996 in the Ungemach Building in Roseville, Ohio until a fire destroyed many original molds and put them out of business forever.
Their quality collectible pieces are substantial in weight and 
compare very favorably with those from Longaberger and Hartstone

The Henn Friendship Pottery Blue Sponge  Mugs stand  3-3/4 inches in height and measure 3-1/2 inches in diameter.

Each of the available  Henn Friendship Pottery Blue Sponge  Mugs is in pristine and unused condition, with no chips, cracks, scratches or other defects noted.

The underside of the base is impressed with the Friendship Pottery logo and Roseville Ohio.

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