Indiana Glass EAPG Narcissus Spray Bouquet Sugar Bowl

Indiana Glass EAPG Narcissus Spray Bouquet Sugar Bowl
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Vintage From Paul is pleased to offer this antique crystal clear Indiana Glass EAPG Narcissus Spray Bouquet Sugar Bowl.

Twenty pieces of Narcissus Spray appeared in a Sears Roebuck retail catalog for 1918. The pattern was introduced in 1917 as number 162.

The EAPG Narcissus Spray is also referred to as "Blossom" or "Winner".

The sugar bowl has a thick, flat base and it depicts on each side of the body a single large floral spray, fairly compact and identical on each side. The foliage springs from a tri-partice scroll at the base of the lily like leaves spread thickly and fan-wise from a central vertical stem, with additional ferny foliage spreading widely from between the plain central leaves.

Above all this greenery are three large six-petaled single flowers with two more ferny sprays at the top. The whole floral motif is deeply "cut", rather than embossed. Behind the spray, above the middle, is a wide (3/4 of an inch) conventional banding consisting of concentric ovals and dots.

The bottom of the body of the Indiana Glass EAPG Narcissus Spray Bouquet Sugar Bowl is covered with a large six-petaled star, and the outside edges of the star coarse diamond point reaches the circumference.

The Indiana Glass EAPG Narcissus Spray Bouquet Sugar Bowl is in amazing pristine condition with no chips, signs of repair, sickness/cloudiness or cracks. The glass is sparkling.This piece is sure to please with its' superb condition! It appears to have been very gently used, if used at all!

The sugar bowl stands 4-1/4 inches in height. It measures 6-1/4 inches from handle to handle, has an upper bowl diameter of 4 inches and a base diameter of 3-3/4 inches.

Have you ever wondered why Victorian pattern glass sugar bowls are so large? Indeed, because of their size many pattern glass sugar bowls are displayed in antiques markets as “candy dishes”.

Before the refining process was perfected, it was not possible to produce sugar in granules because the high moisture content caused the crystals to clump together. And so sugar in the early Victorian home was in the form of loaves or blocks which had to be broken up for use. Our Great - Great - Great Grandmas had to shave off the amount of sugar they needed.... and a large container was required to hold the rest of the block. If the sugar was not already white, she had to clarify it for recipes. Never mind what a chore that was; just be glad you always have white sugar available now.

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