Morgantown Glass Cut Crystal Stem 7688 Water Goblets

Morgantown Glass Cut Crystal Stem 7688 Water Goblets
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We are delighted to offer these antique cut crystal Water Goblets from the Morgantown Glass Company. The stem is listed as Number 7688-1/2.

The stem of these sparkling goblets has a multifaceted knob. The polished cutting has three bevel cut leaves . The middle pointing straight upward, the leaves on the sides of the central leaf gracefully arcing to caress the bowl of the goblet.

Each of the available Morgantown Glass Cut Crystal Stem 7688 Water Goblets is in Perfect condition. The glass is sparkling, the cutting well defined.

These Morgantown Glass Cut Crystal Stem 7688 Water Goblets stand 6-1/8 inches in height, measure 3-7/16 inches in diameter at the top of the bowl, 3 inches in diameter at the base.

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About Morgantown Glass

The Morgantown Glass Works was founded in 1899 near the Seneca Glass Company of Morgantown, West Virginia where it produced hand blown glassware of high quality. In the early years, colorless glass was their main production line producing blown glass tumblers and pressed tableware. By 1901, the Morgantown Glass Works had about 600 employees and had branch offices and salesrooms in a number of larger cities, including Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and St. Louis. Large shipments of glassware were also being made to Australia, Cuba, Europe, Hawaii, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and the Philippines.

In 1903, with the discontinued press ware line being replaced by high demand for suitable blown stemware and bar ware, the Morgantown Glass Works became the Economy Tumbler Company. By the late 1910’s when color was introduced, mass production of colored ware for commercial, institutional and home use placed the Economy Tumbler Company’s glass in high demand. Beginning in the 1920's and extending into the 1930's many new colors and innovative designs were added to the Economy line to meet their demands. In 1923 the Economy Tumbler Company again saw the need to change its name, hence the name was changed to Economy Glass Company.

By the late 1920's the well-known Continental Line had evolved from the introduction of color in the late teens and most importantly the collection of highly-talented people who put it all together--craftsman, designers and management. The Continental line proved to be Old Morgantown's greatest line of glassware due to its quality, colors and craftsmanship. The Continental Line continued until the first closing of the factory, but not without making another change. On July 1, 1929 the Economy Glass Company became Morgantown Glass Works, Inc. Just eight years later, on October 15, 1937 the factory closed.

In January 1939, the factory reopened with a new name "Morgantown Glassware Guild", producing tableware, stemware and bar ware. During the early years of the Guild a whole new line of glassware was being designed along with a rainbow of new colors. In April 1965 the "Fostoria Glass Company" of Moundsville, West Virginia bought the "Morgantown Glassware Guild" and in the spring of 1971 the doors of the Old Morgantown Glass factory closed for good.