National Glass Mc Kee Set Two The Prize Goblets

National Glass Mc Kee Set Two The Prize Goblets
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Rarely Seen...a great addition to your collection!

The Prize goblets are by the National Glass Company McKee Glass and date to 1901. This is a not often seen Early American Pattern Glass pattern especially in the emerald green foot and stem clear upper bowl combination.

As we researched this pattern set we came to discover that the combination of green and clear was made from the original molds, but by Avon in the 1950's. The Kovel book values on these pieces is at $60 each.

The National Glass Mc Kee Set Two The Prize Goblets  are in Mint condition with no chips or cracks or noticeable scratches....the glass is clear and sparkling. The base is ground and polished.

The National Glass Mc Kee Set Two The Prize Goblets stand 4-1/2 inches in height, measure 2-5/8 inches in diameter at the top, 2-1/2 inches in diameter at the base.

The National Glass Mc Kee The Prize Goblets pattern has interesting history.

The National Glass Company formed and this led to a desire to try to capture new business from their biggest rivals US Glass Company and the many independents which were doing business.

It was decided to have a contest to decide upon new patterns and designs to bring out for the glass buying industry to buy. In April of 1900 the National Glass Company announced a contest for designs for Table Glassware.

There would be a first premium of five hundred dollars a second premium of three hundred dollars and a third premium of two hundred dollars. There would be a seven member committee to choose the contest winners.

The winners were chosen in June of 1900 and Charles E Beam who was the head designer at the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Works created the winning design in a pattern 500 which is called Prize.

Though the contest was won by a Greentown designer the honor of producing the pattern was given to National Glass Companies main works which was the McKee Brothers Works in Jeannette PA.

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