Pairpoint American Brilliant Gravic & Miter Cut Pedestal Compote

Pairpoint American Brilliant Gravic & Miter Cut Pedestal Compote
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Manufacturer: Pairpoint Glass

Unsigned antique Pairpoint Gravic and Miter cut pedestal compote. We obtained this piece as well as another from the estate of a Grosse Pointe Michigan collector.

The pattern is comprised of saw tooth scalloped rim. with a center design of gravic wheel cut flower buds and miter cut leaf and stem motifs. Zipper cut arched panels and teardrop (air trap) stem on collar knob, ray cut circular foot. The 6-sided stem has a teardrop shape inside, which is indicative of Pairpoint as the glass manufacturer.

The clarity of this glass is stunning; it really is a showpiece and throws off a rainbow of prismatic color. The Pairpoint American Brilliant Gravic & Miter Cut Pedestal Compote, when gently tapped resonates as a clear bell, with the sound lasting 4- 5 seconds.

Extremely clean, clear and white blank weighing in at 2.13 pounds. Condition is rated exceptionally good condition with no sickness or residue. There are no visible chips or scratches. When we examined the saw tooth edge with a jewelers loop, we did find 6-7 teeth with minor flakes.

Compote Measures 7-3/4 inches high with a 6-1/8 inch circular bowl, foot is 4 inches in diameter. We cannot locate a signature, therefore designated as unsigned. This is an elegant looking piece of period glass.

We have black light tested this Pairpoint American Brilliant Gravic & Miter Cut Pedestal Compote and have not found any cracks, nor any large chips. In addition, this piece glows the desirable pale yellow under the black light, which merely means that it is pre WWII. When the war began, all uranium sources went to the war effort, so glass that glows yellow under a black light, was produced before WWII.

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